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Podcast with Ray Algar.


During January, I spent an hour with Matthew Januszek who hosts the excellent ‘Escape Your Limits Podcast’ We covered various themes such as the once a decade big shifts that I often see across the global health and fitness industry. We also discussed my belief that physical activity providers need to begin focusing more on measuring health outcomes rather than simple outputs such as the number of members they have. We also jumped onto the topic of chess and how business leaders can learn from Grandmasters, especially in the way they manage high levels of complexity during a fast-paced game.


Today, we are speaking with a global health and fitness industry analyst who is committed to improving the health and well-being of society. He is the Founder of Gymtopia, the award-winning platform distinguished for curating corporate social responsibility projects and authoring reports that analyze the fitness industry’s evolution. With a mission to help purpose-driven, high-impact social enterprises be successful, he produces work that is both inspiring and influential. His most recent report: Health Club Industry Active Ageing Report argues that the fitness industry needs to harness the opportunity of engaging an ageing society. What do consumers really want? What does it mean to operate a purposeful business? How do you get the government to care about the fitness industry during a pandemic?

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