Ray Algar with University of Seville Master’s students

Picture shows Ray Algar with Professor Jerónimo García Fernández and Professor Borja Sanudo Corrales

I have recently returned from the University of Seville, Spain after delivering two lectures on this very interesting master’s degree programme which is now in its ninth year. The degree aims to produce a new cohort of physical activity practitioners who will be supporting older adults to get the very most out of their longer lives.

When I was asking students their motivation for enrolling on the masters, one said that it was after her ailing grandmother had asked for help and guidance with an appropriate exercise programme that she did not feel able and confident providing. Many of these students already hold Sports Science degrees so they are not lacking general exercise knowledge. Another student was already working as a personal trainer with older people and could see the difference he was making.

The phenomenon of an ageing society is something that touches everyone because it affects us directly and the people we care deeply about. So, I hope that we see more of these courses that help to build empathy as well as expertise which will allow more older people from more countries to live activity-rich, healthy and purposeful lives.

I am pictured with Professor Jerónimo García Fernández and Professor Borja Sanudo Corrales and the 2021/2022 student cohort.

Group picture following a lecture series by Ray Algar titled: The role of physical activity in the longevity economy.

Ray Algar pictured with University of Seville Masters students following the November 2021 lectures.