Revitalising a UK independent hotel

Alex Polizzi the hotel inspector appraises a bedroom she has just been given

The Hotel Inspector — A fresh and honest perspective

Recently I watched an episode of the Hotel Inspector that involves Alex Polizzi, a hotelier and businesswoman helping to turn around a failing British hotel. The programme format involves her visiting the hotel and critically examining all elements of the business. It is difficult feedback for the owners who sometimes have their life savings invested in a business that may be just months from closing down.

As Polizzi started providing advice to these desperate first-time hoteliers, I started to see her approach which I have sketched out using a Blue Ocean tool. The idea is to unlock a more compelling consumer experience through creating and raising new factors while simultaneously reducing and even eliminating those things that no longer serve the business.

Will these actions be sufficient to turn the business around? We will not know for a little while yet, but what Polizzi was able to do was inject a new sense of energy and hope through both a simpler and improved experience.

As we emerge from the pandemic, your business is still needed, but what consumers need may have changed.

Using one of the blue ocean strategic tools to analyse improvements to the UK hotel