Rio to follow London after winning Olympic 2016 bid

It seems that if you want to win the right to host a summer Olympics, you should never become the outright favourite. Paris discovered this when they were pipped by London, and now the same fate has struck Chicago.

So what clinched it for Rio? Probably two key factors; one is undoubtedly the transformational effect that the Olympics will have across Brazil and the region. The second, that the modern Olympic games has never been hosted in South America. A point beautifully made during the Brazil pitch when a map illustrated that Europe has hosted the games 30 times, the United States 8 times and never in South America or Africa.

What does this mean for Brazilians? President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva had this to say following the vote: :

‘I confess to you that if I died now, my life has been worthwhile.’

As the official Rio Olympic website says; ‘the happiest city in the world, is now even happier’

(image shows the plans for the Rio Olympic village)