Say hello to the UK’s latest budget gym business

Well, isn’t the UK budget gym sector getting exciting? It wasn’t so long ago that FitSpace was the lone operator in this new market segment. How things can quickly change. Well now the UK has another low-cost gym operator – Gym4all. The company has announced its first site in Croydon, South London and is actively seeking further locations across London and other major English cities.

The company has adopted the slogan: ‘Get Fit, Pay Less’, which I assume is a challenge to alternative gym-based propositions charging more than £20 per month.

Exciting times

This really is an exciting chapter in the industry’s development and demonstrates that new consumer propositions often get launched during economic downturns. Why? Entrepreneurs need to think more, solve a genuine consumer need and create a proposition so compelling that it cuts through a world cluttered with mediocre businesses.

I do hope that Gym4all is successful; it deserves to be.


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