Social Climate Analysis – straight from Bilbao

Have just returned from meeting Jon Moody from Asomo in Bilbao. Asomo has developed a system that allows on-line comments on web logs and discussion forums to be analysed – quite an achivement when you consider there are presently 55 million web logs! This allows company’s to understand what people (customers, staff, competitors, prospective customers and other stakeholders) are saying about their products and services, both negative and positive.

I will be writing about or sentiment analysis in my next article for Leisure Report as the system has some really useful leisure applications – what do members feel about the recent Virgin Active/Holmes Place deal? how do Londoners feel about another £1 billion on their tax bills for the London Olympics in 2012?. To read the Leisure Report article, pop over to the Oxygen Consulting web site in mid December.
Ps the picture shows the stunning Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

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