Social impact report for Jubilee Hall Trust

Jubilee Hall Trust in the year ending March 2020, we generated a social value of £2.1m, an increase of 31% on the previous year’s £1.6m.

Two years ago we began working with Jubilee Hall Trust which is a 42-year old charity that aims to build strong healthy communities by delivering a diverse range of fitness and well-being programmes. It operates from four leisure centres across London including the Westminster Gym in Whitehall which is open to 650 members of parliament and all Parliamentary staff.

Oxygen’s work with the charity has been to help it understand the health outcomes created by its activities and programmes. Previously, the charity measured its impact by the number of sessions and visits that were being undertaken over the year, but this measure alone does not help us to understand how the health of customers is changing.

Social value approach

We are all aware that physical activity can be used to change physical health, but new research is also showing it can improve overall wellbeing, boost educational attainment and even reduce crime. We suggested the charity move away from measuring customer visits as a measure of impact (this is, in fact, a measure of output as can be seen on slide four below) and instead focus on the personal change they create. We call this the social value approach. Using evidence-based academic research from Sheffield Hallam University we can accurately measure and value the impacts of sports and physical activity.

Social value dashboard

Below is the first version of Jubilee Hall Trust’s new interactive social value dashboard which we created that measures and reports on how the charity improves health, increases educational attainment and improves life satisfaction (subjective wellbeing).

Jubilee Hall Trust social value report for 2020

The attached slides explain the charity’s social impact for the year ending March 2020.



Below is some commentary from Jeremy Simpson, the Trust’s Chairman

“We have commissioned work from Ray Algar, of Oxygen Consulting, a specialist sports industry analyst to assess our social impact. He is helping us to evaluate the social value of our current work and the future targets we aim to deliver. Measuring social value takes into account the improved health, subjective well-being, educational attainment and crime reduction that results from all of our activity. It demonstrates the value of our charity to reducing the bottom-line costs to our society if these areas are not tackled, including the reduction in inactivity-related diseases such as heart disease and cancer, diabetes and dementia and mental health problems such as depression. We are delighted that in the year ending March 2020, we generated a social value of £2.1m, an increase of 31% on the previous year’s £1.6m.

The increase was partly through better data capture, but also due to more concessionary members using the facilities as well as a doubling of ‘core’ members at The Armoury (core members are those that visit 4 or more times per month for at least nine months). We created a social benefit among 3,997 people (2019: 3,362), and the average social value generated per person was £475 (2019: £469). Measuring and evaluating our impact in this way enables us to create targeted programmes that generate greater social value, to differentiate us from the many ‘for profit’ providers and to fulfil our vision of making a measurable difference to the health and wellbeing of our local communities.”