Sunday Times review of the UK Low-cost Gym Sector

Matthew Goodman wrote an informative article on the UK low-cost gym sector for the Business section of the Sunday Times on the 28th October 2012.

Here is an excerpt:

‘Security at the gym is almost as tight as at a bank vault. Punch in the passcode and the curved doors slide open. Step into a small cubicle, and they slide shut again. A second later another set of doors opens. You’re in. This is no millionaire’s club, however, and the only deposit you will need is a meagre £15 or £20 a month. Welcome to Gym Group, the low-cost fitness chain where the clubs are open around the clock and are unmanned outside normal hours.

The gyms are the fastest-growing segment of an industry that has been winded by the recession. A report due to be published in the next few days by Oxygen Consulting estimates that low-cost gyms account for only 4% of fitness clubs in Britain today…’

You can read Matthew’s article here (subscription required)