Supporting Espalier Ventures to identify UK wellbeing investments

I am excited to announce that Oxygen Consulting is collaborating with Espalier, the UK venturing organisation founded by global educational entrepreneur, Andrew Colin. We are leading new wellbeing venturing opportunities with the purpose to invest and actively nurture scalable UK-based businesses that are providing compelling services and experiences to the wellbeing and longevity economy.

Seeking ambitious entrepreneurs with scalable businesses

As the UK emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen that although people can tolerate social isolation, they thrive when they are together. Also, when our wellbeing is compromised, our ability to live, learn and engage with life can have dramatic consequences. Therefore, we want to invest in ambitious new and established businesses that bring people together in meaningful and novel ways that drive health and overall wellbeing.

We also know that the UK is witnessing a demographic transformation as adults aged over 65 make up a larger proportion of the total population — projected to be one in every four people by 2029 (Office for National Statistics). These adults will be living longer and more active lives, so we need to provide them with aspirational services and experiences in the nascent longevity economy.

A call to UK entrepreneurs and advisers

Espalier Ventures has funds ready to deploy in ambitious and scalable early-stage and more established businesses so please get in touch with me to see how we can support you and your clients with patient long-term capital, valuable expertise and contacts.

About Espalier Ventures

Founded by global educational entrepreneur, Andrew Colin, Espalier Ventures is a privately funded Brighton-based family office. It has a growing portfolio of businesses including INTO University Partnerships, the world’s leading international education partnering organisation Andrew Colin founded in 2005. The INTO company now educates in excess of 10,000 students annually from 130 countries and across more than 55 global locations.