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The world of collaborative consumption

Back in 2007, I wrote an article for Leisure Report Journal titled: 'Collaborative Consumption'. I coined the phrase 'Collaborative Consumption' because it perfectly described the way in which the web was allowing people to connect and harness their collective wisdom to search, compare, review, select and consume a vast array ...

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Virgin Active ask members to choose equipment

Good to hear that Virgin Active which operates 72 UK clubs is turning to its members for advice on important new equipment decisions. Virgin has decided to install the Nautilus Treadclimber into its clubs following a successful members trial at its Northampton club. Andy Birch, National Product Development Manager for ...

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Collaborative Consumption article by Ray Algar

Below is an article I wrote for Leisure Report magazine in April 2007 which discusses the emerging idea of collaborative consumption. Spare a moment for those poor retailers who still insist on putting 'things' in windows, accompanied by a fixed price tag. How quaint. In bygone times when asymmetrical information flourished ...

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