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Peloton rides into post-pandemic challenges

It has been a challenging few months for the Peloton connected home exercise business. The Peloton strategic intent In 2012, the founding team (shown below) set out to bring talent in technology, hardware and production together to accomplish an ambitious goal: "bring the community and excitement of boutique fitness into the home."   The ...

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Peloton sprints towards one million connected fitness subscribers

Here are some of the most recent Peloton numbers (period ending March 2020 as) the business sprints towards one million paid subscribers. Peloton defines a connected subscriber as someone paying the £39/$39 to access live and on-demand classes. It defines a subscriber as currently paying and/or temporarily paused. You can ...

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How Peloton has redesigned the in-home fitness experience

  John Foley, the co-founder (see footnote 1) of Peloton (that's him in the picture above), is a life-long fitness enthusiast who always made time to workout. However, that began to change when his children were born. With family life beginning to take priority over exercise, he and four other founders ...

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