There’s Budding Entrepreneurs Everywhere!

This week, the UK hosts `Enterprise Week` which aims to inspire young people to turn business ideas into reality. Over 1,400 events will be held around the UK to expose individuals to the opportunities of being more `enterprise receptive`, whether that means setting up a new business or fostering new ideas at work.

There certainly does seem to be more awareness that `self-employment` is now a viable career path with more case studies of young people, some very young, setting up their own businesses. We now have in excess of 300,000 businesses run by people under 30 and this age group accounts for 19% of all UK start-ups. In my home town of Brighton, I’ve just discovered that the University of Sussex is launching an `Entrepreneurial MBA`, which will be encouraging students to think and act creatively. I’ve already been in touch with the Course Director and hope to be doing my bit to nurture the next wave of successful British entrepreneurs.