UK Health club data pooling to launch at end of 2008

>The Leisure Database Company will launch its new data pooling service (Fitness Market Monitor) on 1 December 2008.

Aimed at both public and private operators, the monitor will collect data from fitness and gym operators. Subscribers will be able to access data for benchmarking analysis.

The target for the launch is to have 1,000 clubs, representing up to 50% of the UK gym membership population participating in the monitor. If this target is achieved, it will provide robust and regular data on the industry‚Äôs and health club operators’ performance.

The monitor will focus on key metrics, such as tracking membership numbers and revenues, joiners and leavers, and will aim to deliver key results, trends and performance analysis on a national and sector-specific basis.

Operators will also have the ability to seek comparisons under a number of search functions, which could be used to support and inform budgeting and developing strategies.

The Leisure Database Company met with gym operators at this week’s Leisure Industry Week exhibition and conference to discuss the project’s implementation.

According to a spokesperson, operators which have committed themselves to the monitor include Fitness First, LA Fitness, Marriott Leisure Clubs, the Reebok Club and various trusts. To date, the monitor includes data from more than 500 sites.

The monitor is also backed by the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) and The Sports and Recreation Trust Association (Sporta).

Andree Deane, chief executive of FIA, said: ‘The Market Monitor is an important initiative for the industry. It will improve our knowledge and understanding of our own sector and help operators make decisions about their business based on validated market intelligence.’

David Minton, director of The Leisure Database Company, said: ‘We have been delighted by the interest from operators who have recognised the value the monitor will bring to the management of their businesses particularly in the current climate. It is important that operators sign up for the start of the Fitness Market Monitor to gain the value from the shared data. We will be contacting further operators in the following weeks to ensure they are included.’

This new data pooling service replaces the Deloitte healthclubbenchmark initiative which ceased earlier this year.