Announcement: The Upcoming UK Padel Tennis Report by Oxygen Consulting

Image of two women enjoying outdoor padel. Image Credit: Park Sports


  • Oxygen Consulting unveils its upcoming UK padel tennis report on the emergence of padel in the UK.
  • Uncovering new motivations and intentions behind padel among players and the non-playing general public.
  • The open-access report ensures that all stakeholders have free access to comprehensive insights and analysis to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Invites businesses to explore sponsorship opportunities with the launch of its UK Padel report.

Upcoming UK Padel Tennis Report

Oxygen Consulting announces the forthcoming publication of its first UK Padel tennis Report. Written for an investor, real estate, entrepreneur, and leisure sector audience, this new report is a strategic investigation of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.

This research aims to investigate the drivers behind the renewed interest in padel, examine emerging business models, and assess motivations among players and non-players alike. It explores strategies for integrating Padel into both private and public sector leisure offerings, focusing on direct investment and partnerships to promote physical activity and support improvement in public health.

Is the UK now primed for a padel rush?

Introduced to the UK in 2012, Padel languished in relative obscurity until a recent post-COVID-19 surge in investments and a growing public fascination breathed new life into the sport. Our forthcoming report delves into whether the UK is finally ready to embrace this dynamic racquet sport and explores the societal shifts that might explain this new readiness.

New research into player engagement and public awareness

The forthcoming report will delve into the motivations, barriers, and health outcomes associated with playing padel. Importantly, there will also be new research into non-players,  their awareness of this sport, and their future intentions to participate. This will help inform the supply-side expansion of padel courts that best match short- and medium-term demand. This consumer research is supported by input from UK and European academic collaborators and a national polling organisation.

Open-access report

This research by Oxygen Consulting is intended to be free and open-access, ensuring all stakeholders involved in investing and operating the sport have full access to this timely report.

Report author, Ray Algar says:

“Oxygen Consulting has dedicated 19 years to exploring the nexus of fitness, business strategy, technology, and societal shifts,” states Ray Algar, report author. “Never before have I had the opportunity to study the emergence and adoption by a country of an entirely new sport. Padel has an intriguing recipe which reaches across all generations from Alpha to Baby Boomers potentially making exercise more sociable for more people. Our report aims to decode this sport and explore where it might fit into the long-term UK racquet sports landscape and its capacity to improve well-being and public health. Additionally, it investigates varying levels of player adoption and therefore the amount of investment and infrastructure required to support the sport across the UK.”

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Oxygen Consulting is seeking organisations to form partnerships through sponsorship of this new UK padel research and its anticipated launch. This is an opportunity for organisations to strategically position with new research at the forefront of one of the UK’s fastest-growing sports. Contact Ray Algar for further details on how to get involved.

About Ray Algar and Oxygen Consulting

Oxygen Consulting, led by Ray Algar, is a Brighton, UK-based strategic consultancy with 19 years of dedication to providing insightful analysis and actionable intelligence in the global sports, health, and fitness industries. By blending original consumer insights with rigorous market analysis and presenting them through compelling storytelling and thought-provoking reports, the company aims to drive strategic change and contribute to an active, healthier world.