Visit to David Lloyd Leisure Studio – Putney

Today I visited the new David Lloyd Leisure studio, which has opened in Putney South West London. The studio represents a new strategic direction for the company, which is seeking different ways to harness its health and fitness expertise. These small studios or ‘micro clubs’ allow the brand to bring its expertise directly on to the high street using the strapline:

 ‘Your goals, our expertise on your high street’

David Lloyd Leisure studio services

The initial services include:

  • Personal training
  • Weight management courses
  • Exercise classes including TRX and circuits
  • Running club
  • Physiotherapy (selected studios)

The actual studio itself is relatively bland because the focus is more on the interaction between the instructor and client­. The emphasis is on ‘client’ rather than ‘member’ because you can only buy a course or activity rather than a membership.

The concept reminds me of the ‘Core Exercise Clinic’ concept that David Lloyd Leisure (DLL) co-developed with Bupa in 2007. Both concepts represent attempts to harness and distribute their deep health, fitness and well-being competence. My understanding is that the ‘Core Exercise Clinic’ was never rolled-out following the pilot. You can read the original Bupa press release here.

Presently, the private health and fitness instructor training market is highly fragmented and difficult for consumers to navigate. This means that DLL could make a big impact if the pilot sites succeed and senior management commit meaningful resources to the concept.


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