What does your organisation stand for? Ray Algar asks Kilian Fisher, Chief Executive of ILAM Ireland

Ray Algar asks Kilian Fisher, Chief Executive of ILAM Ireland six questions that define the essence of his organisation.

What does your organisation stand for?

Developing and improving standards within facilities management through White Flag Award, operations AND qualifications and training of staff. ILAM represent the voice of the Irish leisure Industry in Ireland, Europe and globally.

1 LEADING AND SUPPORTING the leisure facility industry in Ireland.

2 DELIVERING EXCELLENT SERVICES to members and professionals.

3 STRENGTHENING ILAM as an organisation.

2 What do you expect ILAM to achieve in the next three years?

• Deliver excellent services and training to Irish leisure, fitness, spa facility operators.
• Be the recognised registrar of leisure professionals in Ireland.
• Develop the standards for operating Irish leisure, fitness , spa facilities.
• Increase the profile of member facilities.
• Increase membership and resources.
• Be a powerful and respected leader of sport , fitness , spa and leisure in Ireland.

To develop the above through a number of initiatives at National and European level including:

• Establish Standards development groups under FETAC and linked to EU Projects and organisation’s to create a comprehensive Irish framework of standards and qualifications for sport, leisure, spa & wellness, fitness and aquatics recognised across Europe and internationally.

• To revise and expand the ILAM operations standards into a comprehensive all encompassing ‘best practice standards’ for all the sectors represented by ILAM.

• To bring the white Flag award (Ireland’s only recognised quality mark for the leisure industry) to new levels and to expand to other sub sector and specialist facility awards.

• To further develop partnerships at National and European Government Level to increase funding and support for the sector.

• The establishment of an Outdoor Employers section under the ILAM umbrella.

3. What single word or attribute describes ILAM?


4. In what ways is ILAM Ireland unique?

It is the only organisation of its kind in Ireland and covers a wide range of areas in terms of key standards for leisure facilities and people, acting as the Industry voice, developing and delivering training, the Irish representative on European Fitness, Outdoor and Spa Organisations (EHFA, IHRSA, ESPA, EASE).

5. If ILAM Ireland closed today (hypothetically), how and why would it be missed?

Void within the field of organisation development and the overseeing for the improving of standards within the leisure industry – Loss of a complete range of services including; Qualifications, training and The White Flag Award for Spa & Leisure – the ONLY standard that Irish leisure, Fitness and Spa Facilities can be measured by their customers, members and their Industry colleagues. Loss of any Industry voice at National and European level. No not for profit organisation accessing crucial funding for the industry.

6. Describe how you wish to be remembered at ILAM. What will your legacy be?

I would like to be remembered as being instrumental in driving the strategic change of direction, and transforming ILAM from a ‘professional institute’ into being THE Industry Body for leisure, Fitness, Aquatic Facilities, Spas & Wellness and the Outdoor Sectors. I would also like to be remembered for driving a wide range of initiatives and developments at National and European level to ultimately raise the management and operations standards of Irish Facilities, and helping to improve opportunities for many people to enter and develop within the Industry gaining a very high level of training and qualifications. Last, but not least, to raise the profile, credibility and importance of the Industry at Governmental level to contributing to the health, education and economy of the Country.

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