What UK consumers think about long-term health club contracts

Recently, I was trying out the new web-based survey service from Toluna and wanted to understand more about what UK consumers felt about long-term (3-year) gym contracts.

I asked 2,000 UK consumers a series of five questions. This graph illustrates their preference for five different price scenarios ranging from a simple pay-per-session with no contractual commitment through to a deeply discounted three year membership, regulated by a transferable contract.

36% of respondents preferred the pay-per-session option, even though this was potentially the most expensive for medium to heavy use members (those visiting more than five times monthly).

One in five respondents chose the three-year membership option, being attracted by the 40% saving over the 12-month contract rate. More men chose the 3-year option (24%) to women (18%). Women tended to favour the 12-month contract option.