Which gyms are open across Europe?

A map showing the European fitness club opening status. As of April 5 2021, gyms in 24 European countries were closed, nine were open and Spain was partially open.

I am frequently asking colleagues across Europe whether gyms are open in a specific country. So I have decided to aggregate 34 European countries to establish their current status which I will regularly update. There is also a similar project on the EuropeActive website so between their resource and this it will provide you with a good understanding of the restrictions across Europe.

Portugal reopens

On April 5, 2021, gyms across Portugal are permitted to reopen having been closed since January, 2021. However, the reintroduction of group exercise will be reviewed during May 2021. Armando Moreira, an influential representative from the Portuguese health and fitness club industry has just sent me this note via LinkedIn:

A┬áreally exciting day with a lot of good vibes from both staff and members. We make such a difference in people’s life! “

Gym opening status

The map was last updated on June 16, 2021 and shows that 34 European countries are now open.. However, the vast majority have social distancing restrictions in place which is hindering the ability of these businesses to optimise their income.

Tableau map below

Hover over the map to see any country-specific notes.

Note: Please note that this Tableau map is being updated while the preview image at the top of this page captured the European opening status on a specific day which is why the image and the Tableau map are likely to differ.

Defining open

Please note that when I say that the gyms in a particular country are open this does not necessarily mean that all activities and programmes are available to customers. For example, gyms have now reopened across Portugal but they are not presently allowed to offer group exercise exercises. Also, there are cases where public sector gyms and leisure centres are closed, but private sector gyms are open which is the present situation in Sweden. So I define Sweden’s indoor exercise venues as partially open. There will also be situations where gyms in some regions are ordered to close because of rising rates of Covid which is now the case for example in Romania.


It is very challenging to accurately capture 34 countries, so please do contact me and let me know of specific changes that relate to your country which I will then update.