Which UK health club chains will be passing on the VAT reduction?

The official rate of UK Value Added Tax (sales tax) was reduced from 17.5% to 15% on the 1st December. Just one of many measures designed to kick-start the economy.

So,what does this tax-reducing measure mean for gym fees? Well, my wife has a fitness and tennis membership at Esporta which costs £81 per month (€92 Euro). The VAT reduction now means she will be paying £79 (€90 Euro), a saving of £2 per month. This means it is unlikely that crowds of prospective members are presently rushing through Esporta’s front door, but as Tesco say,’every little helps’.

I have already thought of several ways of spending this new found family wealth. December’s £2 saving is presently being consumed in my local cafe as I enjoy a morning cappuccino. Oh, what to do with next month’s!