Why this YouGov pub survey may help to build the case for the reopening of leisure centres and gyms across England

10% of respondents said they will not be returning to pubs. This probably means until the discovery of an effective vaccine.

This YouGov survey asked the question:

“How soon, if at all, do you think you will visit a pub after they reopen?”

Although tomorrow (July 4th) has been talked up in England by the media as ‘super Saturday’ with the reopening of hospitality businesses such as restaurants, bars and pubs in England, this survey shows weak appetite (and thirst) for an immediate return.

Only one in nine men (11%) and one in fourteen women (7%) intend visiting a pub during the first week of reopening. The majority of people seem to be adopting a more patient ‘wait and see’ approach.

If industries can be reopened with modest immediate demand, then this should help (along with COVID-secure practices) to avoid a steep rise in COVID-19 positive cases. These have averaged 525 per day across England over the seven day period June 26 -July 2nd (lab-confirmed cases in hospitals and community settings (Gov UK data).

Boris has today (July 2nd) signalled that English gyms are next to open, but it all hangs, as always, on how we all behave and the level of respect shown to this wicked virus.

Survey methodology

YouGov survey methodology: 1,618 adults conducted during July 1-2, 2020.