Wimbledon Organisers send players to the slaughter

Why have the Wimbledon organisers been so fixated on the Men’s Final finishing this Sunday when the schedule has been wrecked by rain? I have never known so many world-class players to be injured in the space of a few days. I was at Wimbledon for the first Saturday – the wash-out day, and was surprised when they decided to not use Sunday to catch up.

Watching Gasquet today was painful. His body language was awful and he was clearly exhausted after his thriller yesterday with Roddick. Today was the biggest match of this guy’s professional career. Then over to Djokovic who dragged himself off court yesterday after a five-hour thriller with Baghdatis, to return today to face Nadal, and last all of two sets before retiring. Berdych was also injured in his quarter final. With so many ‘stop, start’ matches, players need time to physically prepare and recover. If you compress this process, the above happens. Fans should feel short-changed and Wimbledon organisers, embarrassed.